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Nordic Defender AB

We have transformed the world of cybersecurity with the most revolutionary crowd-powered platform protecting businesses and enabling people, processes, and technology to dive into modern MSSP.

Nordic Defender AB

Founded in 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nordic Defender AB is the first crowd-powered modern cybersecurity solution provider in the Nordic region. Being exceedingly customer-centric, Nordic Defender tailors its solutions to all types of industries, especially online and SaaS-model businesses to address cyber world issues including skill and talent gaps, cybersecurity complexities, and the lack of centralized security solutions.

Present to the World


Nordic Defender envisions becoming the world’s No. 1 centralized Modern Security Solution Provider.

Beginning with offensive cybersecurity solutions such as Bug Bounty and Next-Gen Pentest, carrying on with CISO as a Service, and proceeding towards detection and response security solutions, Nordic Defender continues to respond to every security need of its clients and assist companies in preserving business continuity while lowering the risk of cyber threats.

Be Your Own Boss


Nordic Defender is on a mission to stop cyberattacks.

By adopting innovation and creativity, Nordic Defender keeps its promise to the clients to protect them against cyberattacks while bringing them a centralized and in-house feeling as if they have their own cybersecurity department.

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SecureBug, the first crowdsourced offensive cybersecurity platform in Scandinavia, was launched in 2020 and quickly struck agreements with well-known businesses and governmental organizations for solutions like Bug Bounty and Penetration Testing as a Service.

Dubai Branch Office

Dubai Branch Office

By establishing a branch office in Dubai in 2021, Nordic Defender expanded its operations to access further skills and talents, increase productivity, embed new skills such as structured problem solving, and achieve operational excellence.

Core Team

Using state-of-the-art technologies and innovation, we strive to protect businesses and organizations against advanced threats and targeted attacks by providing fully managed, modern security solutions in a centralized brain.


Vincent Heidarinia

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Founder/HR Manager

Panteha Bigdeli

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Raffaello Khazaie

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Mahsima Jalooli

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What We Offer

Information Security
Information Security
Detection and Response
Detection and Response
Application Security
Application Security
Continuous Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring
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Stay safe in the cyber world with Nordic Defender

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Why Nordic Defender?

Crowd Powered Connection
Level up with crowd-powered cybersecurity professionals
Edge Platform Growth
Benefit from cutting-edge, next-gen technology
Real Time Stopwatch
Access complete visibility to reduce risks in real-time
Cost Management Money Bag
Implement a centralized approach with cost management functionality
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Integrate security into the development lifecycle
Continuous Improvement Security
Develop a process for continuous improvement