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    1. Introduction

    This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) governs the relationship between Nordic Defender AB, reg. no 559201-3030, (“Platform Provider”) and you as a user (“User”) of the service Nordic Defender️ when you register as a User at Nordic Defender (“Nordic Defender”).

    2. User

    The User is the data controller of any personal data entered into Nordic Defender. The User is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness for any personal data or other information added in Nordic Defender. Platform Provider acts as data processor and has signed a Data protection agreement for that purpose.

    Should you as User provide data concerning a third party, you shall also be responsible for such data and that consent has been given for the disclosure of such data by the third party concerned. Platform Provider hereby reserves the right when necessary or when legally required to inform the third party, whose personal data you as User have given to Platform Provider, regarding Platform Provider’s processing of that third party’s personal data.

    It is also possible not to set up an account in the Nordic Defender, but only to agree that the Provider Platform sends information to such a person. In such a case, only the last subparagraph of point 4 shall apply, and the remaining provisions of the privacy policy shall apply respectively. The consent may be withdrawn at any time.

    3. Personal Data

    The personal data that Platform Provider may process includes, but not be limited to, full name, address, email address, certificates, education, work experience, photographs, assignments applied for and granted, CV’s, references, rates, availability and other related information that you have entered into Nordic Defender️.

    4. Purpose

    • Platform Provider may use the information that you provide for the following purposes:
    • invite you to the Bounty program, the Customer, and assignment-related services and events
    • send you newsletters with info from Nordic Defender️
    • send you updates with new requests
    • compiling statistics
    • for support and service regarding your User Account
    • to administrate your User account
    • to enable you to use Nordic Defender️
    • to enable the Customer to connect with you in Nordic Defender&#65039 and send you job requests
    • to send you job offers, guides, blog, posts, invites to events and other information with content referring to the consultant market and Nordic Defender️.

    5. Your rights

    User has the right at any time and at no cost request an extract of the file of User’s personal data that Platform Provider has saved concerning you. Should User’s data be incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, User may request to have the information corrected or deleted. Platform Provider may not delete User’s data when a statutory requirement exists for storage, such as accounting rules or standards, or when other legitimate reasons exist as to why the data must be saved, such as unpaid liabilities. If User have provided information about a third party, such third party shall have the same rights.

    6. Access to submitted data

    users decide who has access to their data by choosing the setting on the account. Platform Provider may transmit data to a third party, partners if necessary for executing and providing our service to User - for example for request administration or technical support. Data that is shared with a third party or third country will only be used in accordance with the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy.

    In addition, Platform Provider may provide personal data if Platform Provider be obliged to do so in accordance with prevailing legislation, a court ruling or if such is otherwise necessary in order to assist a legal inquiry.

    7. Retention and storage of personal data

    The information will be stored as long as User has an active account. User may at any time delete User’s account and the data will be not available.

    8. Protection of personal data

    Nordic Defender️ have taken technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. Nordic Defender️ constantly adapts security measures in accordance with progress and development of the relevant technical area.

    9. Contact

    Nordic Defender AB, Kungsportavenyn 23 411 53 Gothenburg,
    Sweden Tel: (+46) 031-108810
    Corporate registration number: 559201-3030
    Email:[email protected]

    For questions on how we process your personal data please contact: [email protected]