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Nordic Defender AB is bound to continuously seek well-seasoned threat analysts without any geographical limits to provide its clients with the best threat detection content possible.

Assist businesses in creating their detection and response strategies. Get rewarded for providing SOC assistance and creating detection rules. Become an active member of the Nordic Defender's community and hustle your way to the top of our rankings. Get motivated by the audience and work together to improve your threat-hunting skills.

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We do believe in fair agreements and that is why we have designed a very simple and transparent process:

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    Submit your threat detection content to our platform
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    Get rewarded for each and every unique detection rule

Participate in Exotic Threat Bounty Programs

Get a chance to deduce, analyze, and hunt down the threats in one-of-a-kind threat bounty programs. Higher severity means more reward.

Let Your Word Precede You

Gain more fame and trust through your work and build a network to get more projects to work on. Word of mouth always lasts long.

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