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Next-Gen Penetration Testing

NorDef’s fully managed, platform-based, and crowd-sourced penetration testing turns your scopes upside down and provides ready-to-use remediations for bugs you didn’t know existed.

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Raising the Bar: Experience Pentest As You’ve Never Before

Full-House Crowd Expertise
Real-world Attack Scenarios
Customized & Insightful Reports
Learn the Hackers’ Mindset
Simplified Patching Process
Continuous, Year-Round Pentesting
Support All the Way Down

See why others trust us

Anders KlinteliusChief Technology Officer of Stratsys

This is what I love: The process of continuous pentest, instead of one or twice per year testing; pentest is now part of the monthly process. The portal where we can follow the findings and integrate security issues into Jira and the team’s daily work. The success manager that helps us in the process.

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Dan BernhardssonCTO of Veidec AB

We really appreciated working with SecureBug. Our PEN testing followed the project plan that was set up and we kept to the budget. The portal was a game changer for us compared to previously made PEN tests. We were always up to date with the latest findings and could take immediate actions on critical and high risk findings. Looking forward to be working with SecureBug again.

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Ganesh BonhommeCTO of Myencodetech

We’re really surprised with Nordic Defender’s fast pace, they don’t waste even a second. The quality of their services, especially Managed XDR and Penetration Testing is insane. we’re very happy with the results and we’ll be looking into continuing and expanding

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Martin RouxCTO of Tiltedu

We’re very happy with the results. Nordic Defender not only delivered exactly what we needed, but they also saved us a lot of time, trouble, and money. If we wanted to recruit in-house specialists, we would have gotten into much more trouble, wasted so much time, and even would have spent much more money on the matter.

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Morten EriksenGroup Security Advisor of EcoOnline

Nordic Defender is a great choice for pentest as a service vendor. The engagement has improved our focus on security testing with a new agile approach and a platform that provides great insight into our pentest vulnerability and cost management. Nordic Defender is a partner of choice.

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Ylva MendesSoftware Developer of Vitec Software

We have enjoyed the service from Nordic Defender and are looking forward to continuing with their service in coming releases. The initial test has been very helpful to strengthen our knowledge about cybersecurity, and the close contact with the testers and project manager has been very valuable. We also appreciate the portal application where all issues are reported with great details.

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Limited Time Offer!

Simplify your internal operations, find more high-severity bugs, and integrate security into your SME’s agile SDLC with a SPECIAL price!

If you’re not quite ready for the pentest, no worries. Buy now, launch later!

How Does It Work?

Scoping & Project Planning

Your dedicated technical account manager will define your target, scope your pentest, and plan your project all for free!

Skill-Matching and Launch

Our advanced AI-powered skill matching will choose the most suitable pentesters from our crowd based on your project’s specifications; your dedicated technical account manager will review and approve, launching the program.

Vulnerability Patch & Resolution

Receive pre-approved bugs that come with detailed and video remediation best practices from our triage room in your internal Jira workflow. You can also directly communicate with our moderation team and pentesters in real-time.

What Type of Pentest Do We Perform?

Thanks to being crowd-sourced, NorDef delivers top-notch penetration testing services for a variety of technologies. But what does each one focus on?

Kubernetes Pentest

Kubernetes Pentest

With the growing use of cloud services like Kubernetes, maintaining strong cybersecurity is crucial. Kubernetes pentest will examine your cluster’s RBAC configurations, exposed services, and network settings, and more for potential vulnerabilities.

Cloud Pentest

API Pentest

IoT Pentest

Network Pentest

Web App Pentest

Mobile App Pentest

Desktop App Pentest

Smart Contract Pentest

See How Next-Gen Pentest Would be For Your Business

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See Nordic Defender’s Next-Gen Pentest in Action

Next Gen Pentest: Direct Communications
Next Gen Pentest: Direct Communications
Next Gen Pentest: Managing Multiple Concurrent Security Projects
Next Gen Pentest: Managing Multiple Concurrent Security Projects
Next-Gen Pentest: Moderation and Triage Process
Next-Gen Pentest: Moderation and Triage Process
Next Gen Pentest: Analytics & Insights Reporting Engine
Next Gen Pentest: Analytics & Insights Reporting Engine

Next-Gen Pentest: Efficacy at its Finest

Hands-On Penetration Testing

Hands-On Penetration Testing

A group of trusted pentest champions who are carefully vetted from the heart of our crowd perform a hands-on pentest and combine multi-vulnerability weaknesses to make exploits in your scope; providing videos and screenshots of the real-world attack scenario that led to the exploit and instructions on how to patch up the issue.

Bug validation by moderator team

Bug validation by moderator team

Unlike many other services, NorDef’s crowd-sourced pentest delivers verified, severity-oriented vulnerabilities with best-practice, step-by-step, ready-to-implement remediation plans directly into your internal Jira workflow.

Continuous Pentest Integrated into SDLC

Continuous Pentest Integrated into SDLC

NorDef platform provides a comprehensive dashboard where you can oversee the entire journey of a vulnerability, from detection to resolution. This, combined with year-round continuous pentest, allows you to integrate security into your SDLC and track and manage vulnerabilities effectively in one place throughout the continuous penetration testing process. 

Certification and Compliance ready report

Certification and Compliance ready report

Penetration tests are crucial for organizations as they help estimate the potential risk of malicious attacks on a system. They are now a key component of compliance frameworks such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOC 2. To enhance your cybersecurity and comply with industry standards, the first step is to conduct penetration tests.

Next-Gen Pentest As a Service Return on Investment

3X improvement!!

Check out this document and see how NorDef can revolutionize your ROI in security!

Traditional Pentest vs. Next-Gen Pentest
Traditional Pentest
Next-Gen Pentest
Automation vs. manual operations
40%M - 60%A
90%M - 10%A
Number of valuable vulnerabilities found
Up to 15
Number of pentesters involved
1 or 2
3 to 8
Pay each pentester separately
Pay for the package
Review and approval
Required by internal staff
2 moderators and 1 account manager from NorDef will review and verify them
SDLC integration
Internal staff must send findings manually to the development team
Real-time integration with Jira
Reporting on findings
Weeks or months after project is done
Development team interaction
Direct communication with pentesters and moderators
Severity checks
Remediation Best Practices
Detailed best practices
Attack scenario visualization
Not included
Screenshots and videos
Additional costs
Possible for custom reports, scenarios, or meetings
No hidden fees for high-quality services
Slow and inefficient
Real-time within the platform
Vulnerability retesting
Not included
On-demand retesting of fixed vulnerabilities
Project type
One-time, continuous, or time-boxed
Asset Technology Type
Limited tech types covered
Unlimited tech types included
Internal Team Integration
Not Possible
Onboarding team members on the platform

See NorDef’s Impact on Your Business

See the difference NorDef makes by simplifying your internal process, saving your valuable and scarce resources, and returning more valuable results.

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