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Nordic Defender’s Solutions

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Different sectors, same goal:
to avoid cyber threats and stay safe.

With the lightning speed of the digital era and the daily breakthroughs achieved comes a downside: the ever-growing number of cyber attacks.

Although the attacks are similar in nature, they have different effects on businesses in different industries. At that moment, you should make a very serious decision:

How are you going to preserve your most important assets and your position in the industry that you've fought so hard to achieve?

Nordic Defender has a deck of solutions, offensive and defensive, to make sure you’re pretty secure when walking in this chaos.

There are certain essential security procedures that must be followed to protect your digital assets, and if they aren’t, operational and security concerns will come to the surface, such as:

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    Data Integrity
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    Customer Privacy
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    Protecting Customer Journey
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    Payment Security
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    Preventing Traffic Diversion

Nordic Defender’s Solutions for the Software Industry

Technological growth has set software companies on the road of innovation and advancement; however, you cannot ignore the unknown security threats the pathway brings, such as:

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    More complex software supply chain
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    Open environments designed to stimulate collaboration
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    Outrage of infinite components and libraries resulting in infinite potential vulnerabilities lurking around

As the security threats are broadening, it is essential to equip your company with a packet of security solutions that help you prevent and overcome the cyber challenges.

Nordic Defender's Solutions for the Fintech Industry

Fintech is one of the most security-demanding industries in the online business world, yet it frequently faces similar challenges. Since the importance of data safety and availability is through the roof in the industry, security precautions must be taken under any circumstances.

Nordic Defender presents a unified security mindset to Fintech companies to not only be an assertive asset and uplift their reputation, but also play the role of a jack-of-all-trades and safekeep their applications against, attacks such as:

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    SQL Injection
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    Account Takeover
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    Cross-Site Scripting
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    Cross-Site Request Forgery
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    DDoS Attacks
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