Watch and protect the attack surface!Detect and Stop APTs before catastrophic events unfoldStart monitoring and safeguarding your most critical assets to not fall short when dealing with vast tides of cyber threats.
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0% churn rate record!An ongoing security partnership
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Vasanti BrisboisChief Executive Officer of Nu Bankr

It’s ideal for us to be able to meet all our security needs in one place; working in the fintech sector, managing multiple cybersecurity service providers brings us extra work and also, stress. We’re very happy that we’ve found Nordic Defender; NorDef is everything we needed and lacked before.

Martin RouxCTO of Tiltedu

We’re very happy with the results. Nordic Defender not only delivered exactly what we needed, but they also saved us a lot of time, trouble, and money. If we wanted to recruit in-house specialists, we would have gotten into much more trouble, wasted so much time, and even would have spent much more money on the matter.

Ganesh BonhommeCTO of Myencodetech

We’re really surprised with Nordic Defender’s fast pace, they don’t waste even a second. The quality of their services, especially Managed XDR and Penetration Testing is insane. we’re very happy with the results and we’ll be looking into continuing and expanding

TDR at its finest
Stop threats anywhere in the Cyber Kill ChainTake the steer in any step, from Reconnaissance to Installation and beyond, to identify and manage intruders and prevent the ones coming next.
What to expect from NorDef?
NorDef, your all-in-one Modern MSSPWith crowd-powered defensive, offensive, and infosec solutions, NorDef is your best ally and partner in security, providing an easy-to-use environment and handy features you'll see in the demo, including:

Insightful reports for compliance management

Extended Threat detection capabilities

Enhanced data visualization and user-friendly dashboard

Cross Stack Visibility