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The last step to take towards making your already robust structure even more secure.

Red Team Assessment

Conduct unexpected blended attack simulations with complex scenarios tailored to your infrastructure so that you can fully understand the remaining flaws in your systems.

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If you are assured attackers cannot find a way through, it is high time to rethink everything! In the world of cybersecurity, even the most rock-solid, secure organizations are not impenetrable.

Unleash the power of Nordic Defender’s red-team assessment, improve incident response, and ensure better risk management to constantly safeguard your business continuity.

Seize the Power of Crowd
Seize the Power of Crowd

Feel the power of Nordic Defender’s red team, composed of an infinite pool of talents, knowledge, and creativity in various fields of cybersecurity. Proof-test your cybersecurity structure, including procedures, systems, networks, and applications.

Improve Your Security Budget Management
Improve Your Security Budget Management

Utilize red-teaming to get a better understanding of the security posture in your systems and organization so that you can better classify the risks; therefore, you can boost your budgeting efficiency and maximize return on security investment (ROSI).

Avoid Surprises with a Robust Roadmap
Avoid Surprises with a Robust Roadmap

Develop a comprehensive road map for your future security practices by better understanding real hackers’ mindsets. Experience the most up-to-date red-teaming methodologies and new, creative forms of attacks.

Benefit from a Holistic Approach

Benefit from a Holistic Approach

Get a high-level view of your organization's cybersecurity state with the red team assessment. Cover and fix issues that are never revealed through individual tests.

Power-Up Your Cybersecurity Team

Power-Up Your Cybersecurity Team

Prepare your cybersecurity team for any incoming threats and mitigate more complex attack scenarios. Find vulnerabilities related to your people, processes, and technologies, and level up your detection and response effectiveness.

Renew Your Policies

Renew Your Policies

Constantly revise your policies and standards by executing red-team assessment and get a bird-view of your vulnerabilities. Keep an eye out for details that seem insignificant, but turn out to be devastating.

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Skyrocket your cybersecurity with Nordic Defender's elite red-team assessment.

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