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Threat Detection as Code

Enhance your threat detection capabilities with the world-class detection rules developed by the industry's top threat hunters based on your business requirements.

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Enable agile cyber defense capacities on a global scale using the latest detection rules of Nordic Defender, integrating and automating them with your SIEM or EDR technology, and implementing machine learning algorithms.

Implementing this solution as a part of the automation strategy and using it to empower the machine learning process would be a revolutionary act in expanding the defensive potential.

Expanded Defensive Capabilities
Expanded Defensive Capabilities

Enhance your defensive strategy by implementing contextualized detection rules in your SIEM and EDR systems.

Enhanced Quality with the Power of the Crowd
Enhanced Quality with the Power of the Crowd

Utilize the high-profile threat detection codes developed in a crowd-powered platform of world-class threat-hunting experts.

Customized Threat Bounty
Customized Threat Bounty

Set a bounty for your desired threats, and threat hunters will provide you with detection rules tailored to your needs.

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Access to a Superb Detection Rule Library

Access a Superb Detection Rule Library

Browse thousands of existing, high-severity, and up-to-minute detection rules mapped out based on industry attack frameworks.

Ignite a threat bounty right away

Ignite Threat Bounties Right Away

Don’t waste a century in awe of finding threats; immediately send out hunters to do it.

Fully Managed Program
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Crowd Detection

A bridge to the heaven of brand-new detection rules developed by an enormous global crowd of top threat hunters with different mindsets and skill sets.

Advanced Search Options

Filter through the library to find the most relevant, contextualized detection rules according to your business logic and sector.

Faster Than In-House Hunts

Nordic Defender’s crowd-powered threat bounty is 10x faster than your own hunting process.

Pay Per Result

Cut extra charges and only pay for the desired detection rules based on your needs in Nordic Defender’s threat bounty program.

Reduce Dwell Time

Don’t give the intruders enough time to take advantage of your confidential data.

Sigma-Based Codes

Get detection rules as codes in the Sigma language, easily convertible to almost every SIEM or EDR technology.

Industry Framework Compatibility

Detection content aligned with MITRE and other standard detection frameworks.

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Enable ultimate security with Nordic Defender's Threat Detection as Code.

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