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A premium solution to enhance your cyber defense strength.

Next-Gen SIEM

Stop cyber criminals before the attack surface is expanded more than it already is! In a couple of years, touch points will be increased, and no matter where you stand, Next-Gen SIEM will help you stay safe against cyber threats.

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Advanced Threat Detection
Advanced Threat Detection

Discover anomalies and undiscovered threats that are missed by conventional security technologies.

Incident Response
Incident Response

The appropriate response to a threat should not take minutes or hours but seconds.

Automate the SOC
Automate the SOC

With automated workflows, your security operations will be more efficient and quicker to react to threats.

Next-Gen SIEM is an ideal solution for every company and organization that is looking to:

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    Have the best security measures while managing the budget
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    Find an affordable, accessible, and customizable prime security solution
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    Get a SIEM service considering of their exclusive business logic.
Crowd Threat Detection Library Icon
Crowd Threat Detection Library

Nordic Defender is composed of crowd-sourced security experts with years of professional experience. That is why our extensive library of threat detection codes is enriched daily, and we integrate it into your systems based on the priorities deduced from risk analysis. Moreover, we develop customized threat detection use cases for your security environment.

Make Insightful Managerial Decisions Icon
Make Insightful Managerial Decisions

To help C-level executives and managers gain a deeper insight into your cybersecurity posture through a visualized dashboard, we incorporate bespoke, exclusively-developed applications according to the client's demands into the Nordic Defender Next-Gen SIEM.

Less Staffing Costs, Fewer Risks Icon
Less Staffing Costs, Fewer Risks

Integrate various SIEM phases, including monitoring, threat hunting, abnormal behavior detection, and incident response, into your business without having to recruit someone for your SOC team.

One Single Operation Center for Everything

One Single Operation Center for Everything

On NorDef's smart dashboard, you can see the progress and the results of several security procedures like monitoring, scanning, threat intelligence, threat hunting, abnormal behavior detection, and incident response.

The productivity of a company's security team is increased and a proactive perspective is put behind human cybersecurity operators as a result of the perfect harmony we create between various security processes, from real-time monitoring to response.

Crowd Strength: The Heart of the Next-Gen SIEM

Crowd Strength: The Heart of the Next-Gen SIEM

As a crowdsourced platform, Nordic Defender relies heavily on its crowd! The most recent global cyber threats are hunted by our community of security experts who frequently provide detection rules and threat landscape recommendations that are added to our detection content library. Combined with the invaluable expertise of our specialists, this will turn your SIEM into a monster that detects any possible risks swiftly, easily, and accurately.

Use Case Development, From Potential Threats to APTs

Use Case Development, From Potential Threats to APTs

Nordic Defender's Next-Gen SIEM not only provides you with a bank of pre-built use cases but also develops the ones you ask for. Developing new use cases–which will be based on your business logic–will be integrated into the SIEM and will assist you in identifying threats more quickly, more intelligently, and entirely automatically.

Taking into account the budget and the needs of your business, Nordic Defender will put together a set of threat detection and response solutions that match the security requirements of your organization.
In the initial meeting, we try to find out where you stand and what your security posture is.
In the meantime, we provide you with knowledge and powerful reports to assist your business and security team in growing in terms of security.
As the security maturity level of your organization increases, we continuously provide more advanced solutions for your ever-changing requirements.
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Unleash optimal security with Nordic Defender's Next Generation SIEM.

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