Tiltedu's Partnership with Nordic Defender

Tiltedu’s Partnership with Nordic Defender: Securing Two Applications and Network Systems

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats continue to evolve, making it crucial for businesses to fortify their cybersecurity defenses. As the only crowd-powered, and centralized Modern MSSP, Nordic Defender empowers organizations against these ever-evolving threats. In this success story, we showcase how our Managed XDR and human threat-hunting capabilities, powered by our crowd, helped a valued client,  Tiltedu, overcome critical threats and strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

The Customer’s Cybersecurity Pain Points

Tiltedu, a thriving educational institution, faced mounting challenges in safeguarding sensitive data from APTs. They had encountered advanced threats that their existing defensive capabilities struggled to detect and mitigate effectively. This vulnerability threatened their reputation, customer trust, and regulatory compliance.

Partnership with Nordic Defender

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Tiltedu sought Nordic Defender’s expertise to enhance their defensive capabilities. Our team conducted a comprehensive assessment, analyzing their existing cybersecurity infrastructure and identifying potential weaknesses. We recommended deploying Managed XDR, a proactive cybersecurity solution that offers real-time threat detection, response, and remediation.

Tiltedu was particularly impressed with the human threat-hunting aspect included in Managed XDR. With Nordic Defender’s robust crowd, we were able to deploy a team of skilled threat hunters to actively seek out and neutralize sophisticated threats. Tiltedu appreciated that combining Managed XDR with human threat hunting would have cost significantly more if they opted to recruit in-house specialists. They were also very impressed with the existing threat library we have collected from our crowd and the most reliable threat intelligence feeds throughout the world.

Implementing Managed XDR and Human Threat Hunting

Working closely with Tiltedu’s IT and security teams, we seamlessly integrated Managed XDR into their existing cybersecurity infrastructure. Our experienced threat hunters collaborated with the in-house team, sharing knowledge and insights to tackle potential threats effectively.

Results and Impact

The results were impressive. Managed XDR and human threat hunting successfully detected and neutralized several critical APTs that had previously evaded the Tiltedu’s defenses. By providing real-time visibility into their network, cloud, servers, applications, and endpoints, Tiltedu’s incident response time significantly improved.

Tiltedu praised Nordic Defender’s threat-hunting capabilities, noting that the proactive approach led to the identification of potential threats before they could cause significant damage. This proactive stance not only saved them from potential breaches but also saved them a lot of money. The CTO of Tiltedu said:” We’re very happy with the results. Nordic Defender not only delivered exactly what we needed, but they also saved us a lot of time, trouble, and money. If we wanted to recruit in-house specialists, we would have gotten into much more trouble, wasted so much time, and even would have spent much more money on the matter.”

Strengthening the Future

The success of the partnership with Nordic Defender has empowered Tiltedu to take a proactive cybersecurity approach. By harnessing Managed XDR and human threat hunting, they are better prepared to defend against emerging threats and potential attacks.

Furthermore, Nordic Defender provided Tiltedu with additional guidance on best practices and cybersecurity measures to further fortify their defenses. Tiltedu now has greater confidence in its ability to protect sensitive data and uphold its commitment to customer trust and regulatory compliance.


The collaboration between Nordic Defender and Tiltedu highlights the importance of investing in advanced cybersecurity solutions. Managed XDR, combined with the power of human threat hunting, proved instrumental in overcoming critical threats and enhancing Tiltedu’s overall cyber resilience. As cyber threats continue to evolve, Nordic Defender remains committed to empowering organizations to protect their digital assets and safeguard their future.

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