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Discover Why Stratsys Chose Nordic Defender as Partner

Stratsys is a SaaS company that helps clients keep track of processes, plans, and reports, enabling them to work easier and smarter with others to achieve faster results. Stratsys makes it easier for people, companies, and organizations to get more out of their plans, projects, and strategies, offering them strategic, quality, governance, risk, and compliance management.

Stratsys came to Nordic Defender to benefit from Next-Gen Pentest with two primary ambitions in mind: continuity and integration. Nordic Defender provided Stratsys with the flexibility to choose when and where to conduct pentests and what attack surface they wanted to check out.

Nordic Defender has enabled Stratsys to conduct continuous pentests to ensure that every asset is at its optimal cybersecurity state. Moreover, as the findings are integrated into Jira, the workflow has become smooth and the team is at its highest productivity.

Stratsys believes that it chose Nordic Defender for its revolutionary, centralized, and flexible solutions. Compared to traditional penetration testing and other cybersecurity platforms out there, Nordic Defender presents the most efficient solution that generates accurate results while saving time and money.

The result? Well, Stratsys is as safe as it gets in the cyber realm. Nordic Defender has ensured that all the compliances are met and Stratsys’s clients and their information are not going to be subject to danger.

This is what Anders Klintelius—CTO at Stratsys—has to say about Nordic Defender, “This is what I love: The process of continuous pentest, instead of one or twice per year testing; pentest is now part of the monthly process. The portal where we can follow the findings and integrate security issues into Jira and the team’s daily work. The success manager that helps us in the process.”

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