Vitec Software Partners with Nordic Defender for Unrivaled Penetration Testing Expertise

Vitec Software Partners with Nordic Defender for Unrivaled Penetration Testing Expertise

Vitec Software is a renowned company that specializes in providing software solutions for various industries. With their headquarters in the Nordic region, Vitec Software offers a wide range of innovative software products and services tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. Their expertise spans across sectors such as real estate, education, healthcare, and finance. Through their comprehensive software solutions, Vitec Software aims to streamline business processes, enhance productivity, and drive digital transformation for organizations of all sizes.

Vitec Software understands the critical importance of identifying security vulnerabilities and accessing helpful remediation processes to ensure the security and integrity of their software systems. To address this concern, they chose Nordic Defender’s Next-Gen Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) for their penetration testing requirements of proactively safeguarding their digital assets by detecting security flaws, and mitigating any potential vulnerabilities in their software infrastructure through step-by-step validated remediation guides. They partnered with Nordic Defender to capitalize on the incredible power of the crowd, the variety of selected skills behind each penetration test, the flexibility of each program in terms of scoping and budget, the customer-centric approach employed in each solution, and the remediation steps that have been reviewed and verified by moderators. 

Vitec Software demonstrated a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and protecting their clients’ sensitive information. This company also achieved significant milestones in learning about their cybersecurity vulnerabilities thanks to the detailed Proofs of Concept available on the platform in both text and video formats, which enabled Vitec’s team of developers to quickly understand the security flaws and their remediation steps in full detail. This straightforward and thorough reporting strategy in conjunction with the meticulous inspection done by Nordic Defender’s highly vetted security experts helped Vitect Software to enhance their knowledge of their cybersecurity maturity levels and protect their most valuable assets.

With the assistance of Nordic Defender, Vitec Software provided the ideal opportunity for its technical team to learn about the hackers’ mindset, strengthen the security infrastructure, mitigate risks, and provide clients with a heightened level of confidence in the integrity of their software solutions.

Ylva Mendes, a software developer at Vitect Software, commented, “We have enjoyed the service from Nordic Defender and are looking forward to continuing with their service in coming releases. The initial test has been very helpful to strengthen our knowledge about cybersecurity, and the close contact with the testers and project manager has been very valuable. We also appreciate the portal application where all issues are reported with great details.”

About Nordic Defender

Nordic Defender is a fully centralized MSSP, covering offensive, defensive, and security information solutions. Being crowdsourced and providing services such as Next-Gen Pentest, Fully Managed Bug Bounty, vCISO, and Detection & Respond many more, Nordic Defender ensures the ultimate security possible in today’s world. As a world-class, modern cybersecurity service provider, Nordic Defender offers proven methodologies and solutions to companies and actively monitors and analyzes systems, detects issues, and provides instant solutions for them while providing them with 24/7 support.

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