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See What VEIDEC AB Thinks of Nordic Defender

VEIDEC AB is a Swedish company that focuses on a greener world by reducing the environmental impact in the workplace which is powered by hi-tech products that are beneficial for both health and environment.

The reason why VEIDEC AB arranged to conduct Nordic Defender Next-Gen Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) is that they take their vision very seriously. For this to work out brilliantly, they need to ensure their business continuity, especially since they are one of the first companies established in Sweden.

Nordic Defender helped VEIDEC AB meet their project plan perfectly by providing them with optimal results within the requested timeframe. Moreover, the budget limitation was taken into consideration and everything worked out as planned.

VEIDEC AB chose Nordic Defender because Nordic Defender’s portal is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform and it provides real-time visibility of the findings. This means that VEIDEC AB’s time-to-remediation has been lowered significantly.

Dan Bernhardsson, VEIDEC AB’s CTO, shares with us his opinion on Nordic Defender Next-Gen Pentest as a Service (PTaaS), “We really appreciated working with SecureBug. Our PEN testing followed the project plan that was set up and we kept to the budget. The portal was a game changer for us compared to previously made PEN tests. We were always up to date with the latest findings and could take immediate actions on critical and high risk findings. Looking forward to be working with SecureBug again.”

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