EcoOnline’s Journey Through Cyber Security: A Story of Customizable Solutions & Agile Protection 

EcoOnline is an EHSQ provider offering SaaS solutions for managing chemicals and ensuring occupational safety. Their primary objective is to help businesses create a safe working environment for employees across various sectors, regardless of company size or geographical location. With the business expanded across more than 7 countries, EcoOnline has been concerned with international yet centralized cybersecurity solutions. 

With the staggering responsibility of protecting different scopes of their business from a variety of cyber attacks and data breaches, EcoOnline came to Nordic Defender with a few major concerns that hadn’t been resolved yet:

  • Whether there is any available centralized cybersecurity platform to run penetration testing on their large number of scopes and targets, 
  • Whether they could receive a customizable service based on their unique cyber security needs of safeguarding multiple networks and systems,
  • Whether it was possible to launch their pentest program in different locations with different timezones and access a unified dashboard for all, 
  • And finally, whether they could control their budget while maximizing the ROI.

With the critical task of safeguarding their digital assets and networks from potential exploits, EcoOnline turned to Nordic Defender, the exclusive provider of fully-managed and centralized security solutions that harnesses the collective strength of the crowd. Nordic Defender initially promised to run pentest programs that encompass all of EcoOnline’s unique requirements, ensuring their digital ecosystem remains secure and fortified against emerging threats.

To do so, the technical team customized a VIP solution, which enabled continuous penetration testing on all the defined scopes and for businesses in different timezones. Launching this solution allowed EcoOnline to efficiently cut down on the number of required hours for the pentest, access a straightforward dashboard to monitor the status, stick to a security budget, and receive actionable results from highly vetted security experts.  

Aside from the penetration testing, another standout solution employed by EcoOnline to ensure their safety was Nordic Defender’s Intelligent Scanning. Realizing that Nordic Defender’s Intelligent Scanning comes with a human security expert using multiple scanning tools and automations to scan a scope and provide reliable findings, EcoOnline also decided to run this solution on some infrastructures that weren’t yet ready for penetration testing at the time. 

What reassured EcoOnline of a successful security partnership with Nordic Defender was the shared concern of safety in today’s digital landscape, the customer-centric approach developed in the platform and the mindset of every technical expert, and the flexibility in terms of targeting, budgeting, and streamlined delivery. The result of this collaboration has been a highly customized cybersecurity solution that is specifically designed for EcoOnline with all its unique challenges. 

Seeing the result of crowd-powered and highly tailored cybersecurity solutions, Morten Eriksen, Group Security Advisor at EcoOnline, commented, “Nordic Defender is a great choice for pentest as a service vendor. The engagement has improved our focus on security testing with a new agile approach and a platform that provides great insight into our pentest vulnerability and cost management. Nordic Defender is a partner of choice.”

About Nordic Defender

Nordic Defender is a fully centralized MSSP, covering offensive, defensive, and security information solutions. Being crowdsourced and providing services such as Next-Gen Pentest, Fully Managed Bug Bounty, vCISO, Detection & Response, and many more, Nordic Defender ensures the ultimate security possible in today’s world. As a world-class, modern cybersecurity service provider, Nordic Defender offers proven methodologies and solutions to companies and actively monitors and analyzes systems, detects issues, and provides instant solutions for them while providing them with 24/7 support.

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