Kaveh Ghiassi New Head of Marketing

Nordic Defender to Capitalize on New Head of Marketing, Mr. Kaveh Ghiassi, to Reach New Heights

As the top Nordic modern cybersecurity solution provider, Nordic Defender is proud to announce that Kaveh Ghiassi has joined this vibrant company as the head of marketing. With this incredible talent aboard, Nordic Defender is sure to set foot in new realms and reach new peaks in their marketing efforts. 

Having experienced rapid growth, Nordic Defender decided on hiring a tremendous asset with whose experience, venturing into new territories would lead to astonishing success and a paradigm shift for the company. 

Bringing his vast experience and knowledge to the table, Mr. Ghiassi is bound to build upon the previously well-performing marketing strategies only to change them profoundly and take them to an entirely different level. Upon his admission as Nordic Defender’s head of marketing, Mr. Ghiassi stated, ‘I’m thrilled to have the chance to work with the Nordic Defender expert team with the great solutions it has to offer to the market. Nordic Defender is a highly innovative and fast-growing company with a firm grasp on what the market needs and the means to adjust the solutions accordingly. I love the team’s energy and enthusiasm for developing customer-oriented products and the flexibility they have with each client to help them overcome cybersecurity challenges. If this is not a winning formula, then what is?!’

Nordic Defender impatiently looks forward to capitalizing on Kaveh’s fresh perspective into the marketing strategies and his potential to advance it further. With regards to Mr. Ghiassi’s new presence in the team, Mr. Heidari, the founder and CISO at Nordic Defender, put in a few words, ‘Kaveh’s addition to our incredible team of marketing can only mean one thing: an even more astonishing performance and consistent growth in all our marketing venues. We’re confident that his presence and potential would bring about success over and beyond anything we have ever experienced.’ 

With Kaveh Ghiassi on our side, Nordic Defender will remain on its path to unprecedented growth. We are all thrilled to realize our vision alongside Mr. Ghiassi!

About Nordic Defender

Nordic Defender—as the first Nordic Bug Bounty platform—aims to be a fully centralized MSSP, covering offensive and defensive solutions. Being crowdsourced and providing services such as Next-Gen Pentest, Fully Managed Bug Bounty, vCISO, and many more, Nordic Defender ensures the ultimate security possible in today’s world. As a world-class cybersecurity platform, Nordic Defender offers proven methodologies and solutions to companies and actively monitors and analyses systems, detects issues, and provides instant solutions for them while providing them with 24/7 support.

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