Nordic Defender Achieves SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

Nordic Defender Achieves SOC2 Type 2 Compliance- Strengthening Our Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that we at Nordic Defender, as a leading modern crowd-powered MSSP offering centralized security solutions, have successfully attested to SOC2 Type 2 Compliance across the domains of Security, Availability, and Confidentiality. The adherence to SOC 2® compliance by Nordic Defender guarantees that the cybersecurity methods, regulations, activities, and protocols align with the necessary criteria for the secure handling of data. The audit was performed by an independent CPA-certified auditor which was conducted following the attestation criteria set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

This achievement underscores our dedication to upholding data integrity, ensuring seamless service availability, and safeguarding confidential information. The prominent milestone reaffirms our devotion to delivering top-tier cybersecurity services and highlights our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

SOC2 Type 2 is an esteemed framework in the cybersecurity industry, known for its rigorous compliance standards, especially for SaaS businesses. It assesses how well businesses deal with customers’ sensitive information across five Trust Service Critera (TSCs): Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, and Privacy.

At Nordic Defender, we believe that cybersecurity is not optional; with the rapid pace of digitalization, it’s a must and we all have to work very hard to reach the point where cybersecurity is regarded as a culture for the generations to come. 

Our primary goal has always been to safeguard our clients’ digital capital and reduce cyberattacks’ impact. As a customer-centric business, we’re proud to let our dear customers know that they and their sensitive data are in safe hands. We have always believed in the power of transparency and we decided to prove this to be true by undergoing SOC2 Type 2 Compliance audits. 

Vincent Heidari, Nordic Defender’s CEO said:” We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of offensive, defensive, and infosec solutions to address the diverse and complex challenges organizations face today. But a step before, we first believe in showcasing that we have a secure infrastructure, a security-oriented worldview, and a security culture implemented in the company to be able to provide our customers the trust and peace of mind they deserve.”

“The clients must be able to see, with utmost transparency, how their data is being processed and what measures are taken to keep it protected,” he added.

We are dedicated to offering innovative and tailored solutions that align with the unique security needs of each organization. By constantly adapting to the changing threat landscape, we ensure that our clients are well-prepared to defend against cybercrime.

Looking ahead, Nordic Defender envisions becoming a global leader in the cybersecurity industry by providing cybersecurity as a culture. We aim to continue expanding our reach, empowering more organizations to secure their digital assets effectively. Our vision is to set new standards for excellence in cybersecurity solutions and remain the go-to partner for businesses seeking robust protection against cyber threats.

Undergoing SOC2 stands as a testament to our commitment to the goals, mission, and vision we have; it’s just an example of the hard work, dedication, and collaboration of our entire team.

Nordic Defender’s CEO also stated: ”Achieving SOC2 Type 2 certification was no easy feat since we’re a startup at the scaling stage. Our dedicated team at Nordic Defender worked tirelessly to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the framework.” 

The entire Nordic Defender team takes immense pride in achieving the SOC2 Type 2 certification. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and employees, whose unwavering support and dedication have made this achievement possible. 

As we continue our journey towards cybersecurity excellence, we invite potential clients to explore our solutions and experience the peace of mind that comes with partnering with Nordic Defender.

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