Nordic Defender Expands Its Territory Further to Denmark!

Nordic Defender Expands Its Territory Further to Denmark!

Nordic Defender, the only crowd-powered, centralized, and modern cyber security solution provider in the Nordic region, has expanded further in Europe by entering the uncharted waters of Denmark. Having established a 100% customer satisfaction rate with its loyal base of customers in the home country, Sweden, and later Norway, Nordic Defender can now tap into more opportunities abroad. 

The new contract with Denmark highlights the thriving IT culture and commitment to cyber security excellence in Denmark and marks the beginning of a new era for Nordic Defender. It signifies a crucial matter: Nordic Defender has embarked on an amazing international adventure that was only made possible by the customer-centric nature of the service, the quality of cybersecurity solutions, and the trust that clients have put into this team.

This journey into international realms and beyond Sweden is bound to open up new windows of opportunity and bring along new visions and insights. Mrs. Mahsima Jalooli, the COO at Nordic Defender, commented, ‘Denmark is renowned for its advanced IT landscape and progressive approach to technology. With a rapidly growing and competitive economy, it presents a dynamic market for Nordic Defender’s cutting-edge solutions. Tapping into this market is a huge step forward for Nordic Defender, and something we wish to keep doing for sure!’ 

As the first modern and centralized cybersecurity solution provider, Nordic Defender has been a pioneer in many aspects. And now entering the new territory of Denmark, Nordic Defender has broken new grounds yet again. Despite the inherent challenges of global expansion, the team has not only overcome obstacles but turned it into a highly successful investment, yielding remarkable returns.

Mr. Vincent Heidari, the CEO of Nordic Defender, also expresses his satisfaction with this performance. He states, ‘There is a lot more to this contract than just a new collaboration or alliance. It goes out to show that we could gain enough credibility and trust on an international level to find a base in Denmark, a country dedicated to elevating cybersecurity standards. In fact, global expansion and internationalization for a leading Nordic cyber security company did not come easy, but we could accomplish it with an incredible team. And I’m very satisfied with our performance so far. With our current 0% churn rate with long-term subscriptions, I’m confident that we will continue to expand globally, making the world a safer place for all regardless of their location. That has always been our motive and vision along the way!’

Nordic Defender is more than delighted to be the leading Nordic centralized modern MSSP to have found an alliance within the country of Denmark. And we all hope to continue this line of thought, innovation, and hard work to achieve new heights of success for the company, as well as build a more secure cyber world for people of all walks, ethnicity, and locality.

About Nordic Defender

Nordic Defender is a fully centralized MSSP, covering offensive, defensive, and security information solutions. Being crowdsourced and providing services such as Next-Gen Pentest, Fully Managed Bug Bounty, vCISO, and Detection & Respond many more, Nordic Defender ensures the ultimate security possible in today’s world. As a world-class, modern cybersecurity service provider, Nordic Defender offers proven methodologies and solutions to companies and actively monitors and analyzes systems, detects issues, and provides instant solutions for them while providing them with 24/7 support.

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