Nordic Defender Rolls Out Vulnerability Intelligence

Nordic Defender’s CEO, Vincent Heidarinia, announced a new Vulnerability Intelligence feature as a company’s strategic step towards providing integrated cybersecurity solutions. “Organizations can now understand security threats and vulnerabilities based on their technology portfolio, industry, and the type of data they create, use, or keep. The Vulnerability Intelligence product helps them leverage this accessible information. This feature enables every CISO and security team to assess whether the data is essential to their business operations,” said Vincent Heidarinia. 

In today’s rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, CISO and security teams continually analyse the value of their organisation’s security programs while cybercriminals innovate and leverage new technologies and capabilities to attack their companies and organisations.

Over the past year, the NVD continued to see an increase in the number of vulnerabilities submitted for analysis. In 2019, 17,302 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, or CVEs, were submitted to the NVD. The analysts completed over 5,000 Modified CVEs and added 269,905 Common Platform Enumerations (CPEs) to the CPE Dictionary—an increase of 556% in Modified CVE analysis compared to 2018. Additionally, the CPE Dictionary grew by over 160% in one year, and the historical backlog of CVEs waiting to be processed was reduced to less than 15% of its previous size and is now manageable on a day-to-day basis.

“In the digital world, CISOs and their security teams frequently find themselves delegating tasks to a breach after the attack, examining cyber artifacts as they attempt to put the parts of a breach event that happened in the past together,” added Vincent. 

Nordic Defender claims information retrieved from its vulnerability intelligence product will be adequate to identify and remediate system vulnerabilities and provide insight into potential future incidents to protect organisations against cyber threats proactively.The Scandinavian’s only crowdsourced security platform is getting closer to becoming a Centralized Application Security Platform by developing various product features to help enterprises curb time-sensitive security incidents. The CEO believes centralisation in cybersecurity solutions is vital for intelligent automation and instant cyberattack responses. 

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