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Check Out What Coinlocally Was Looking for When Partnering With Nordic Defender

Coinlocally is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers advanced financial services. Supporting hundreds of tokens and trading pairs, Coinlocally provides spot, convert, and various options that you need for logic trading and investment.

Coinlocally decided to conduct Nordic Defender Next-Gen Pentest as a Service because of the significance of data safety in the cryptocurrency world. Nordic Defender gave Coinlocally the immunity they were looking for, ensuring that every surface and every point of attack is secure.

Nordic Defender has empowered Coinlocally to do business in one of the newest, most challenging worlds, resting assured that nothing will be threatening the safety of the users’ data and money.

Coinlocally picked out Nordic Defender due to the fact that the expertise and experience that come with the crowd enables Nordic Defender to keep calm in times of agitation.

Stevan Leong, CTO at Coinlocally, states, “Thanks to SecureBug’s know-how, ways of working, and calm approach, we managed to handle this cyber attack in an impressive way. It’s an almost priceless experience, to be honest, and our team was able to identify and fix real vulnerabilities that may have been exploited in the wild thanks to pen testers.”

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