Vincent Heidarinia- New CEO

Recently appointed Nordic Defender CEO: Vincent Heidarinia, from CISO to CEO

Every startup has a different story to tell. From the ones that didn’t last long enough to get to the market fully to the successful ones that skyrocketed the limitations and emerged a star; they have all taken a challenging yet extraordinary path full of lessons and joy.

In the early steps on the path, founders usually take several responsibilities and try to do as much as they can to win the game—creating a stable and growing business by getting to the point of product market fit.

Vincent Heidarinia is not an exception. He has also played several roles in the startup he founded in 2019. 

“A professional solution must first serve the solution provider itself. Otherwise, it would be like a blind leading another blind,” said Vincent. “So, a cybersecurity firm must first design the best cybersecurity architecture for itself before providing security solutions and services to others. This is why integrating security into Nordic Defender’s culture and mindset has been one of our highest priorities and key success parameters.”

As a professional cybersecurity expert, he has led the product team to design a secure and reliable crowd-sourced platform to link cybersecurity professionals worldwide with companies seeking cybersecurity solutions.

Furthermore, Vincent took part in the sales meetings to support salespeople and technical account managers in representing the value of the products and solutions to the potential customers, how they can detect and decrease cyber risk, and achieve maximum security.

He also participated in numerous meetings as a listener with the clients about how the solutions could be tailored to their unique needs and led the team to act accordingly to fill the gaps. This mindset has created a customer-centric culture in the company, and it soon became a part of our core strategy.

Vincent has always cherished his team and motivated them in every way possible to be their best version and push the limits of their potential capacity and capabilities. This improves not only them but also the organization, as an organization is made of people, and people directly influence the company.

He has been the CISO, the product manager, the salesman, and most importantly, the leader.

Now that Nordic Defender has its cybersecurity architecture and framework in its best shape so far, products are functioning well, and the customers are satisfied, it is time to change the strategy to scale up.  After bringing in a head of marketing, a head of global sales, and a head of security and also separating the product divisions which gave the responsibilities to the senior leaders, Vincent now has an empty plate to take the responsibility he’s always had, make it official, and step up to the position of CEO.

He now can focus mainly on leading Nordic Defender towards optimizing security solutions for the clients and creating a workflow that feels exactly the same as their own cybersecurity department.

The vision is to be the #1 centralized modern managed security solution provider in the next three years. As CEO, Vincent feels it is his responsibility to ensure that the team is working in accordance with customer needs and making sure that we have everything we need, including team scalability, an innovative strategy, sustainability in our work, and cross-border reach, to climb to the pinnacle of our vision!

Vincent, a man of many trades at heart, has always said, “Innovation gives you a good chance to win, but we’re not here to take chances. We’re here to make a revolution.”

“A revolution is made by connecting state-of-the-art technology with innovative minds. It will be the hallmark in making the world a safer place,” he added.

We’re inviting all the masterminds worldwide to join us on this mission; we’re all in this together.

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