Nordic Defender Capture the Flag Competition Chapter Two: Odin

Odin’s territory remained unconquered after one day

The second round of the Nordic’s greatest Capture the Flag challenge started at 4 PM (CET) on the 20th of April. The competition named “Odin” consists of 6 easy, 8 medium, 6 hard challenges. By solving these 20 challenges, participants can collect a total of 2350 points.

1200 participants from over 80 countries have joined the Odin challenge up to this moment, and that static shows that So far, 24 hours have passed since the start of the challenge and the top participant of this competition has only been able to gain 1000 points from the set of possible points.

The final result

Odin’s treasure was eventually given to Polish, Indian and Norwegian warriors. Although none of the participants in the game were able to solve the “annoying serial number” challenge, the other challenges in Odin’s realm were so breathtaking that the one unresolved challenge did not make Odin hesitant about the high ability of the warriors. What the top three warriors found in Odin’s ream was beyond their expectations. They gained a significant amount of SB Coin, Nordic Defender’s proposed digital currency for rewarding ethical hackers on various security platforms as well as bug bounty programs in several security service companies. The SBCoin will be implemented for any Gamification method, crediting token holders not only inside the Nordic Defender domain but also in the outside world.

Let’s take a look at the final results:

  1. Tomek7667                     2200
  2. Warlock_rootx              2200
  3. Bootplug                         2200
  4. InnerSavage                  1800
  5. Klefz                                 1600
  6. Meraxes                          1600
  7. R3MAN3                         1450
  8. Rsera1                             1350
  9. MorningLightMountain 1200
  10. Malmoeware                1150

Brief Look at the Second Day

The third day of adventuring in the realm of Odin began with the advance of the polish warriors. Polish, Indian, and Swedish warriors had found a large number of keys to Odin’s territory and were in competition to find more keys. The competition was so close that releasing any hints could change the competition results. Therefore, directors decided not to release more hints to keep the competition ignited.

By the morning of the second, none of the participants had been able to cope with the “Annoying Serial Number”. A one-hundred-point key that challenges the warriors’ reverse engineering skills. While the top warriors of the second day were struggling to find the key of “Annoying Serial Number”, other participants were moving forward.

The standings could change any moment, just like what happened by the end of the first day. The Swedish warrior was the top participant in the first 24 hours but fell to the fourth ranking by the middle of the second day. On the other hand, the unbeatable polish warrior, “tomek7667” that managed to reach 2200 points earlier than the others, was not among the top ten participants of the first day. Therefore, the warriors had to keep an eye on maintaining their supremacy while moving forward.

Brief Look at the First Day

Top participants of the first day, such as klefz have participated in the TYR challenge (the first round of the Nordic’s greatest CTF) as well. They were top participants in the first challenge too, and now they are looking for the keys to the Odin realm.

They are also emerging stars among top participants, such as “cyberaguiar”. A participant who has solved 10 challenges, including 5 easy, 3 medium, and 2 hard challenges.

The breadth of the issues raised in Odin’s various challenges tests the skills of hackers in solving different types of CTF. Let’s see what the strengths of the top participants were on the first day.

The Scoreboard of the First Day


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