Nordic defender Capture the Flag Chapter One: Tyr

Groundbreaking Records!

Congratulations on the unprecedented record you set in our Challenge. We would like to thank all the teams and individuals for participating in the Nordic Defender Challenge Program and for the feedback they gave to help us improve the program.

The challenge boasts the participation of 823 teams, 670 individuals from 128 countries on Day 1. Over a 24-hour period, only five teams managed to fully overcome the challenge, with the rest competing to solve the next challenges, so if you haven’t registered yet, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the challenge. Remember that if someone has made it, you can too.

Top ten winners:

1. bootplug with 1700 point from Norway

2. AntiBuddies with 1700 point from Russia

3. Jakom with 1700 point from Morocco

4. RootMeUpBeforeYouGoGo with 1700 point from France

5. HackingForSoju with1700 point from Sweden

6. ShroomZ with 1700 point from Poland

7. kalmarunionen with 1700 point from Norway

8. 0x90r00t with 1700 point from France

9. Bonfee with 1350 point from Italy

10. STeam with 1350 point from Vietnam

Once again, remember that the opportunity is not over and there are still 2 days to the end of the challenge. So don’t miss it.

The Scoreboard of the First Day

The Scoreboard of the Second Day


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